Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kindergarten: The wind is cool. The sun is warm.

If you have walked down the hall by the art room lately, you will have noticed these captivating art prints created by the Kindergarten children at East Elementary. We learned about the wind and the sun as we read the book "Dona Flor" by Pat Mora. We finger-painted spirals and curvy lines on white boards using either warm or cool colors and then we made “prints” of our spirals by putting paper on top of our paint. The children were amazing as they learned this very early form of printing. When we left class we "became the wind" as we floated quietly down the hall. The children loved this activity and the resulting artwork is just beautiful.

Core Tie-in: Literacy

Art Concepts: Cool Colors and Warm Colors

Vocabulary: Cool, Warm, Texture

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