Friday, November 6, 2009

Join Friends of Art Works for Kids!

Dear Reader,
We are asking that you please go to the Artworks for Kids website ( and sign up to be a friend of the arts. The legislature needs to know that parents are supportive of funding the arts in our school and this is a great way to do it! We appreciate everything you do to enrich the education of your child.
Thank you,
Elizabeth Sampson

Autumn Glory

The inspiration for this artwork came from the Sax Art website and was called Autumn Glory.
We adapted it a little to fit our time and scheduling restraints and the results were just amazing. This is one of the most popular art projects I have ever done. The students LOVED making rubber stamps and they loved the printing process. We will definitely do more art with these techniques.

The Art Show was Great!

Wow! East Elementary really pulled together and created a beautiful art show and program for Beverley Taylor Sorenson. The walls were decorated with art from every grade level and every student performed in the program. We are so grateful for Beverley and everything she does to promote the arts in our state! I think that the program was especially meaningful because each student was able to participate. The gym was full of parents who came to support the arts in our school and to watch their children perform. Thank you Roosevelt!