Tuesday, December 1, 2009

1st grade birds and nests

Our first graders have been learning about shape and basic geometric form as we study birds. We have learned how to paint and draw birds using basic shapes. Now we are using a special clay to combine shapes and make little 3-D birds and their nests. When we created our birds, we learned about how to create texture by cutting the clay with scissors and by using texture tools to add bumps to our bird nests. Now we are painting our birds. Look for more pictures next week when you will see our beautiful textures eggs and nests!

2nd grade geometric art!

Our 2nd graders have been creating beautiful geometric art as they reviewed basic math lines and shapes. We drew 2 horizontal lines, 2 vertical lines, 2 diagonal lines and 3 circles in different sizes. We identified the shapes we created and then colored our pictures with oil pastels. We added shading and texture to our pictures by adding pattern. If you want to see an amazing display, come see the 2nd grade community art created by putting all of these pictures together. It looks like an amazing crazy quilt!

Our Kindergarten Texture Pumpkin Patch

All the classes in school have been learning about texture during the month of November. We learned that texture is interesting to look at and also to touch. In art, we mimic texture by using colors, dots and patterns. In kindergarten class, we studied pumpkins by touching them and looking at all the patterns and textures that are on a real pumpkin. Then we drew pumpkins and colored them, adding visual texture with our artwork. We hope you come to the school to see this stunning display!

3rd Grade Polynesian Art

The 3rd graders created beautiful polynesian art in celebration of their artist in Residence program in November. These pictures were created in two steps: First, each child painted a beautiful watercolor background in rainbow order, then they painted stunning silhouettes of palm trees. All of these pictures were very unique and very beautiful. They provided an elegant background for the program.