Saturday, March 12, 2011

2nd Grade: Out of the Rock!

The 2nd graders used colorful chalk in warm colors to create rock monsters that literally come "Out of the Rock" to greet everyone as they walk by! In the final installment for our rock unit, we learned how to use chalk to create beautiful art. We learned that chalk is one of the "softest" of rocks and is rated a #2 or #3 on the "Moh" scale. We learned to blend and shade three different colors of chalk to give our rock monsters dimension and depth. Come enjoy the beautiful scenery of Utah as you attend the 2nd grade program on March 23rd and 24th.

The inspiration for this art project came from the movie "Galaxy Quest". My 7 year old son was watching the movie and when I saw the "rock monster" rumbling out of earth and start to chase Tim Allen, I knew that the children would love to draw their own rock monster. The children love working with the chalk... perhaps because it is so messy and different from anything they have ever done before.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

3rd Grade Color Wheel Trees

Our 3rd graders had a wonderful time painting these beautiful trees in the style of Gustav Klimt and Vassily Kadinsky. McKayla first mixed her own colors to create a warm and cool mountain. Then she created a beautiful pastel sky. The next week she painted a beautiful "swirly" tree and added color wheels in the sky. What a beautiful piece of art! We hope you come visit the school soon and see all the original art that has been created by our 3rd graders.

3rd Grade Manga Art

The 3rd Graders had a great time creating self-portraits "Manga" style. Their favorite part was creating wild and funky hair styles and using whimsical colors. Manga means "whimsical drawing" in Japanese.

3rd Grade Zentangle Line art

The 3rd graders had fun creating little name cards by copying patterns found in some Zen Gardens of Japan. We combined organic and geometric lines and patterns to create a unique piece of art. This is very relaxing and fun.

2nd Grade: Little Rock Animals

As part of their unit on rock art, the 2nd graders created little rock animals using an assortment of little rocks. They discovered how the law of gravity could help them keep their animal together while the glue was drying!