Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dancing Into Spring - Butterflies with Ms. Baier's Class

Ms. Baier's class chose to create their mural with pictures of butterflies. Each child selected a favorite butterfly and then carefully drew the butterfly on the mural first with a pencil. Then they traced it with a "sharpie" and finally added color with pastel chalk. We learned to draw the outside or contour edges of the butterfly first, then added structural details. As a final touch, children blended blue and white chalk to create the lovely background that completed their mural. These drawings are really exceptional! One of the goals of the mural is to help the children get past drawing "symbolic" art and work towards drawing more realistically. In art class, we teach this by observation and practice. Great job!

Mrs. Wall - Wonders of the Sea

Mrs. Wall's class chose to draw pictures of fish. Each child researched different fish and then drew a fish on the mural. Children then added coral, seaweed and other decorative elements to the mural. We learned to draw the outside or contour edge of the fish first, then adding structural details. Each child used pastel chalk to color their fish and then helped blend chalk to create the background for the mural. Beautiful job!

2nd Grade Murals 2010

Each 2nd grade class had the opportunity to create a mural. The objective of this project is for the children to work together in a constructive manner to create beautiful art as a cooperative project. The murals this year are just lovely! When we compare the overall quality of art this year to last year, it is amazing how one more year of art instruction has helped the students develop their skills! These murals are totally amazing. Each mural will be posted separately, but here is a master list. The murals tied in with the 2nd grade core curriculum as well as the art curriculum. Most were completed with blended chalk. Please come back and check out the individual murals as they are posted.

Ms. Baier: Dancing into Spring - Butterflies
Mr. Christensen: Geometry in Motion - Math
Mrs. Cook: Art around the World - Geography
Mrs. Marx: Garden of Beauty - Flowers
Ms. McCoy: Creating a Community of Caring - Russian Architecture
Mrs. Oakes: Animals of the World - Geography
Mrs. R. Slaugh: Care for one another - Community and Self Portraits
Mrs. Wall: Wonders Under the Sea - Fish

3rd Grade Manga Art

The 3rd graders have been having a wonderful time drawing self portraits "manga" style! Manga is a japanese word that means "whimsical picture" and this art style is fun and popular! Portraits done in "manga" style typically have big eyes, big hair with wild colors, and small noses and mouths. Chances are, you will see lots of cute Manga art all over the school right now in the form of comic strips, cards and little cartoons! Miss Foley's class even taught their parents how to draw "manga" at the art show!