Friday, March 24, 2017

Youth Art Month

Wow!  I haven't been on my blog in a log time.  I came back to look for a lesson and I had a few nostalgic moments looking at some of my old students and sweet elementary art projects!  I want to start sharing again.

March is YOUTH ART MONTH!  I have been having a wonderful month with my students of all ages celebrating art and embracing the artist in all of us.  Our festivities actually started months ago as I prepared my classes for the Utah YAM flag contest.   This is sort of a big deal for me because I am in charge of YAM in Utah.  For the past several years I held this cool contest but I always made my own students help me judge it or be innocent bystanders.  I thought it might be a bit awkward for me if one of my students actually won the contest so I think avoided that scenario.

This year, however, I decided that I wanted my students fully involved in the contest.  I asked my students to prepare entries... and I got different judges!  I was so proud when one of my amazing art students won the contest! The theme for the YAM flag contest this year  was United Through Art.  This winning entry was turned into a flag representing the state of Utah and was flown at the NAEA YAM museum in NYC a few weeks ago.

Quentin Drake - 2017 Utah YAM Flag Winner

As a continuation of the fun, March 20-24 was ART WEEK at Union High School.  We had fun activities planned each day at lunch in the commons.  Monday was Zentangle Day. Tuesday we took photos with with Mona Lisa.  Wednesday was a "Quick Draw" contest.  Thursday was sticky note art day and on Friday we had a contest for a fun school art slogan.  We also put as much art on display as we could.  This was an our informal art show and we had a lot of fun creating a few meaningful displays using ideas from the new Utah Art Core Standards!  

I will try to come back and add a few pictures of the show and our activities.  It has been too long since I have blogged and I have a lot of fun things to share.