Sunday, October 18, 2009

Leaf Week!

Dear Parents,

We are having a special program this Friday at 1:00 and we want to invite you. Beverley Taylor Sorenson is visiting our school and she wants to meet with the parents. Every child is performing in the program. We will also have art displayed on the walls.

We have had fun during the past few weeks celebrating the season of fall, and learning about shapes.

Kindergarten has been exploring shape with sponge art and now has been making leaf rubbings.

1st Grade created unique art based on a new book "Pezzetino" by Leo Leonni. Their artwork will be displayed in a mural on Friday, October 23rd when Beverley Taylor Sorenson visits our school. Don't miss it!

2nd grade is working on creating imprints in clay and each child created their very own leaf bowl. Next time they come to art we will paint their bowls.

3rd grade had a wonderful printing project! First we learned how to make a print from leaves and create organic artwork. Then, we made our own rubber stamp of a leaf using foam and each child stamped a unique frame for their artwork. This will also be on display.

We appreciate all the parents who have come to help on our art classroom! Thank you!

Mrs. Sampson