Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mrs. Cook - Art Around the World

Mrs. Cook's class focused on drawing a map of the world and then adding art styles from all around the world. This was a a lot of work and they did a great job! We love the Cherry Blossoms in Asia, Aboriginal art in Australia, African masks in Africa, Sunflowers in North America, Starry nights in Europe and Aztec designs in South America! Each group of children did a great job shading their continent with two different colors of chalk! Look for all the 2nd grade murals in the halls of the school. We will display the murals until the last week of school.

Mr. Christensen - Geometry in Motion

In this unique mural, Mr. Christensen's class created a unique blend of geometric shapes and organic lines! As an integration of math and art, each child created their very own shape and then drew a personal symbol within the shape. Children learned how to use two different colors of chalk to create depth. Each child helped create their own shape and the background of curvy, organic lines! Very beautiful mural with clean simple lines!

Mrs. Oakes - Animals of the World

Mrs. Oakes' class created a beautiful mural entitled "Animals of the World." The class broke up into teams to create the continents and oceans of the earth. Each child researched and drew animals to put on their continent or in their ocean. The students in this class did an exceptional job finding animals, collecting pictures and then learning how to draw them! Great job!

Ms. McCoy - A Community of Caring

Ms. McCoy's class created a mural that was inspired by Russian Architecture. The children each created vertical geometric buildings and then added onion tops and curvy lines on top of the buildings. The children added detail and created windows and doorways with curved lines. After completed their buildings they shaded the buildings using at least 2 different colors of chalk. This mural complements the theme for the 2nd grade program and is entitled: "Creating a community of caring." This is a nice extension of one of our earlier projects where we drew Southwest Missions. This year in 2nd grade art we have been learning the difference between organic lines and geometric lines. This project is perfect for reinforcing that concept. Beautiful work 2nd graders!

Mrs. Marx - Garden of Beauty

Mrs. Marx's class focused on creating a beautiful flower garden for their mural. First we learned the difference between drawing symbolic flowers and realistic flowers. Each child selected a photograph of a flower and then we practiced drawing the flower by looking at the photo and drawing what we "see" instead of what we "think" the flower looks like. Then each child drew their own flower on the mural, traced it with a sharpie and added color and shading with chalk. Mrs. Sampson taught us how to blend two colors to add more depth and beauty. This is a beautiful mural and the quality of work from these 2nd graders is exceptional! Great job!

Mrs. Slaugh - Care for One Another

Mrs. Slaugh's 2nd grade created this unique mural that illustrated children holding hands around the world. Each child created their own self-portrait by learning about body proportion. We learned how to fix mistakes by turning wayward lines into something new in the picture! This mural shows the feeling of community felt by the 2nd graders! Great job kids!