Tuesday, April 6, 2010

2nd Grade Murals 2010

Each 2nd grade class had the opportunity to create a mural. The objective of this project is for the children to work together in a constructive manner to create beautiful art as a cooperative project. The murals this year are just lovely! When we compare the overall quality of art this year to last year, it is amazing how one more year of art instruction has helped the students develop their skills! These murals are totally amazing. Each mural will be posted separately, but here is a master list. The murals tied in with the 2nd grade core curriculum as well as the art curriculum. Most were completed with blended chalk. Please come back and check out the individual murals as they are posted.

Ms. Baier: Dancing into Spring - Butterflies
Mr. Christensen: Geometry in Motion - Math
Mrs. Cook: Art around the World - Geography
Mrs. Marx: Garden of Beauty - Flowers
Ms. McCoy: Creating a Community of Caring - Russian Architecture
Mrs. Oakes: Animals of the World - Geography
Mrs. R. Slaugh: Care for one another - Community and Self Portraits
Mrs. Wall: Wonders Under the Sea - Fish

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