Wednesday, March 9, 2011

3rd Grade Manga Art

The 3rd Graders had a great time creating self-portraits "Manga" style. Their favorite part was creating wild and funky hair styles and using whimsical colors. Manga means "whimsical drawing" in Japanese.


Blue-Bird said...

Oh, lovely results for your grade! It is so funny to see what my children made of the mangas and to compare with you children. My children are from 8th grade, but in a way they are really similar :-)

Here is the link to my results:

Greetings from Belgium.

ps sorry I removed the comment, I found a big spelling mistake *shame*.

Elizabeth said...

Dear Blue-Bird,
I looked at your student pictures and they are fabulous! My 3rd graders LOVE drawing Manga! It is fun to see the comparisons. Thanks again for writing and sharing your ideas.