Thursday, February 17, 2011

2nd Grade: Keith Haring Art

The 2nd graders did a fabulous job as they created these amazing pictures in the style of Keith Haring. This lesson had two main correlations with the standard core, self-awareness and also math. In the art part of this lesson, we learned how to draw basic body shapes in proportion by drawing ovals. We drew an oval for the head, a bigger oval for the body, 3 smaller ovals for each arm, and then 3 ovals for each leg. We learned that our body only bends where we have a "joint"... in this case where two of our ovals met. We drew people doing all kinds of fun things. Ideally, the children drew figures doing something that was important to them... something they loved. Then we cut out our figures and glued them down. We tried to overlap the figures to show depth. This was a hard concept for the children to understand, but it was really interesting to see the results. Finally, we created some visual texture by making a beautiful "patterned" floor for our figures to dance on. I love the energy in all of these pictures. In the 2nd picture especially, you can actually see the children playing basketball. The overlapping in this piece of artwork provides so much depth to the picture. It was a little difficult for the children to draw "shadow" people with no expressions, but in the next art lesson we learned to draw a self portrait, and this was an adventure all in itself. Tune in for the next installment!


Keith Haring Foundation said...


I'm writing to you from the Keith Haring Foundation. We love your lesson plan!! Would you consider submitting it to our web site? We have a poster promotion for every lesson submitted. For more info, look here:

Great job!!! And thanks for keeping Haring's spirit alive in our young people!!!

Elizabeth said...

Thank you to the Keith Haring Foundation! We love studying Keith Haring in our Art classes.

Elizabeth said...

Dear Teachers,

The lesson plan for this art project is now published on the Keith Haring Kids website. Here is the link:

Elizabeth Sampson said...

Here is a link for this lesson plan.

Have fun as you create your own variations.