Thursday, February 17, 2011

1st Grade Extension: Winter Writing

A few weeks ago, the day after we did our winter scene's in art, I was walking down the first grade hall and I stumbled upon this great pictures and stories created by Mrs. Gerber's class! I was amazed at the pictures and I asked her if she had shown them what to do, and she said no! She asked them to draw a winter picture and they drew the trees, the little deer, bunnies, snowmen and stars that we had created in art. Then they wrote a great little "winter" essay. I was amazed to see how well they remembered how to create "branches" on the tree, the little snowman arms, and the deer antlers!

In the BTS/ALP (Beverley Taylor Soreson Arts Learning Program) this is exactly the type of art integration that we hope the teachers are making in the language arts, math, social studies and science lessons. We know that art helps kids learn! Kudos to Mrs. Gerber for a great extension. Her kids are the winners!

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