Sunday, February 27, 2011

2nd Grade: I love Rocks

As a little child I remember hiking around the mountains of Utah picking up pretty little rocks. My great grandmother was a "rock hound" and she sewed all the grandchildren little drawstring bags for us to keep our rocks in. She made little rock animals from her rock treasures and I remember how fun they were to look at. Later at family reunions, my Aunts and Uncles kept the tradition alive but having us "paint" rocks. When the 2nd grade teachers asked me to use ROCKS to create art projects to go along with 2nd grade Science curriculum, it brought back feelings of nostalgia. In the art room we have been sorting rocks into sizes and colors and using them to create beautiful art. The 2nd grade teachers helped me develop 3 projects for the students to create as they prepare for their program on ROCKS! In the first project we used different sizes and colors of rocks to create the beautiful little rock art pieces displayed above. As the students finished this project, they were allowed to start working on creating little rock animals. It has been fun to see the creativity as the children figure out how to combine the shapes and sizes of the rocks to create an animal. We learned about gravity and physics and we glued the rock animals together! Next time in art we will finish our rock animals and learn how to draw a "Rock Monster" with pastel chalks.

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