Saturday, November 19, 2011

Raccoons and Curvy Communities

2nd Grade Animals and Habitats:  If you want to see some beautiful artwork you will want to come visit our school in the next few weeks.  The 2nd grade classes are working on a project that is simply unbelievable.  As part of a science unit, each class is learning about and creating art about different animals and the habitats they live in.  

These cute little raccoons were drawn by a student in Mrs. Brockman's 2nd grade.  Each 2nd grade class is learning about different habitats and  the students are learning to draw elements of the habitat within the outline shape of an animal.  Once we have our little illustrations done, we will be adding pattern to the backgrounds.  This is a very fun work of integrated art.  Watch for more photos to come!

 First Grade Curvy Community:  The first graders are reading a story about different people who work in their neighborhoods.  As an extension, we are learning about curvy lines and we created this beautiful pattern art with fun elements of design.  In contrast with the straight lines we drew in our Mondrian artwork, this  art is all CURVES!!!!

 Each child in the first grade created curvy community complete with curvy kids, curvy cars, curvy toys, curvy food, curvy roads, curvy rivers and curvy wind.

The children had a lot of fun with this artwork and they took a lot of ownership as they were thinking up things to draw in their picture.

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