Friday, November 4, 2011

Fun Art Integration Ideas from Classroom Teachers

There is an ART to good spelling! Mrs. Brockman had a great idea to make spelling practice fun for her 2nd grade students. Instead of writing lists to practice, she created some different "artsy" pictures based on some of our art projects and other topics she wanted to reinforce for her students. When it came time to practice, the students got to write their spelling words on these interesting pictures and turn their spelling into art!

This picture was based on our Zoo in the Sky art lesson! It is a fun way to practice spelling words.

Spelling is out of this world!

This picture teaches a math principle at the same time the student practices spelling! This is a great double integration!

The students in Mrs. Brockman's class LOVE to practice spelling!

This is a great example of a writing project for first grade students. Mrs. Brinkerhoff read a book to her class on the life cycle of the pumpkin, and then helped each student write and illustrate a simple story with 5 parts. This is a good way to introduce writing to elementary students because the pictures are part of the writing process and it helps the students organize their thoughts.

This is another fun first grade writing/art project that is a favorite of Mrs. Peterson. Each student created a spider web by dipping a marble in white paint and then letting the marble roll around inside a box lined with a black piece of paper. The spiders in this project were copied and colored by the students and glued on the web. Each child then wrote about their project. This is a great authentic writing experience because the children were able to write about something they created and it makes it more meaningful for the child.

In the BTS Arts Learning Program, the teachers are encouraged to integrate art as much as possible while teaching language arts.

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