Saturday, October 8, 2011

Red Fox and a Yellow Box - First Grade Art

Rhyming Words: The Big Blue Ox, A Red Fox and a Yellow Box

This year in art we have been focusing on art that reinforces stories in our basal reader. As part of our new focus, we are attempting to do sketchbook activities as part of every first grade lesson! This has been quite a new adventure, but the children are doing wonderfully well and are having a lot of fun drawing in their sketchbooks and writing words to go with the lessons.

For our FOX lesson, I selected an illustration from the story and we studied the picture to look for basic shapes. The theme for art this year is "Look and then Draw!" I am trying to teach the children to study the world around them and observe it before they draw. To reinforce this principle, every child was given a small picture of the mama fox and baby to glue in their sketch book. Before starting, I showed them how to draw a little symbolic fox starting with a letter "V". I explained the difference between drawing symbolic art, and drawing art that looks real. Then we looked at the picture in their sketchbook and tried to draw the fox using our EYES instead of our brain! The children drew while I talked them through it! I was personally amazed at the quality of illustrations from the first grade children. They loved this project even though it was difficult.

Observational Art: After we drew in our sketchbook, we created a larger picture using oil pastels. We tried to add texture to our pictures using different colors for our fox and blending them. Then we also added grass to our pictures, also blending two different colors.

The next week, our story was about a bird nest, so we decided to create eggs in the style of Piet Mondrian. We are working on rhyming words, so we reminded the children that the YELLOW BOX in this picture, rhymes with FOX and OX from previous lessons.

Mrs. Peterson created this writing assignment to extend the art project and shared it with other teachers at East Elementary. This year, our main focus in art is to improve the English Language Arts, so we are focusing on writing, vocabulary building, speech and language skills as well as visual art. This can get challenging, so we really appreciate it when the teacher goes the extra mile to reinforce the literary concept back in the classroom!

We had fun creating beautiful art with simple black lines and spots of brilliant color in the style of Piet Mondrian.

Miss Eberhard's class created these Mondrian inspired eggs.

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