Tuesday, October 11, 2011

2nd Grade Fall Windy Day Art

The art lesson this week was really fun! We studied the paintings of Van Gogh and learned how about how great artists create movement in their artwork. We also studied how plants and animals get ready for a change in seasons and we studied a little bit about weather as we created windy day pictures showing plants an animals preparing for cold days ahead. To start this lesson we created leaf rubbings and then we wrote a sentence/poem our leaf. Then we talked about the change of seasons and how some animals migrate, some adapt and some hibernate. We learned about the life cycle of plants and why trees lose their leaves for the winter months. Finally, we got to talk about weather!

You will notice in our pictures that the house and trees are bending to the wind. We used a sharpie to draw trees in the style of Gustav Klimt. Then we added a house that was leaning in the wind, animals getting ready for winter and some leaves blowing in the wind. We colored our pictures and then we used crayons to create movement in the background. Finally, we added a watercolor wash of grey paint to make create a stormy, cold day!

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