Saturday, August 27, 2011

End of year projects... Part Two

During the last week of school some of the 3rd grade classes had fun playing with colors on the color wheel. We learned that warm colors advance and cool colors recede. Each child created a picture using oil pastels. We tried to put warm colors in the foreground of the picture and cool colors in the background. Then we looked at our pictures with 3-D glasses to give our pictures a 3-D effect! This was a very fun and relaxing project.
The ocean was a popular theme.
Miss Foley's 2nd grade class had a chance to learn Zentangle after I got back from the CZT class in Whitinsville, Massachusetts. Every child created their own individual masterpiece and then we put them together to create this beautiful class collage.

The last week of school can get a little bit crazy!
Each child made one 6 inch by 6 inch square and then we put them all together. This shows everyones interpretation of the same project! It is just beautiful and very amazing.

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