Saturday, August 27, 2011

End of year projects... Part One

We had a lot of fun with unique art projects at the end of the school year but I ran out of time and didn't get many of them posted. I thought I would take a minute and pick a few of the best ones to share before things get too busy this year.
Kindergarten students studied the art of Paul Klee and made their own "Castle in the Sun" by gluing geometric shapes on brown paper. The children loved this project and every castle was different!
The first grade students had a great time learning the Japanese are of Gyotaku. Mrs. Peterson brought it a lovely large carp and each child was able to make a beautiful print from it using acrylic paints.
Some of the third grade classes had the chance to paint these stunning warm and cool Lizards. First we practiced drawing a lizard in our sketchbooks, then we drew a lizard on our watercolor paper with a white crayon. We added patter and design. Finally we painted our lizard with either warm or cool colors, then we painted the background with the opposite family of colors. You could do this same project by drawing almost any animal.

This is one of our all-time favorite projects. The inspiration for this artwork comes from Mimi Thomas and her collection of "My Painted Ponies". I showed the children how to draw the basic shape of a pony and then we divided our pony into sections and decorated each section with symbolic art that represented all the things we had learned during the year. Finally we painted our pony with watercolors, cut it out and mounted it on a piece of art board to create a beautiful piece of art suitable for framing.

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