Thursday, October 11, 2012

Photos of Construction

For those of you following the construction of the school, the secretary shared these very cool photos of what it looked in the middle of the construction process.  I thought you might enjoy these as much as I did!

One of the young construction workers talked to me the first week of school and told me that when they knocked down all the walls, there were working in a big black hole.  There was no electricity and no lighting while they were rewiring the school, so they brought in portable lights.  The above photo shows the remains of the old library.

All the dividing walls were knocked down.  I can't really tell where this is in the building.

I think this is looking down the main hall, and the art room should be on the right.   Again, I am not sure exactly where this is!

The plumbing was the only thing remaining from our old sinks and coat closets. This was later removed and the entire school was re-plumbed to install a sprinkler system.  Each classroom got a new sink... and if you remember from our earlier post, the art room now has four sinks!  I posted another picture of the sinks at the end of this blog post.  It is so nice to clean up at the end of the day!

 The upper rafters.

 Another view of the old library looking toward the office.

This whole remodeling project has been fun for me to watch.  It has been harder moving into a new room with not much time to get ready for the beginning of school.  Once classes started, the organization has become more difficult, but I am gradually getting the feel of the new room and slowly getting it arranged so that it is conducive to education.  Even with beautiful new cupboards, all the teachers in the old part of the school realize that we used to stash a lot of stuff in those old coat closets!  It has been a bit difficult to find room for everything.  In spite of that, we are so thrilled with our new school building.  The morale is high and it is such a pleasure to walk down the halls. 

Looking down the hall the Saturday before school started.  What a difference!

 This is the beautiful new wall in the art room!  In talking with the head of construction,  he told me that  usually they would never attempt to finish a project of this magnitude in just 3 months.   So all in all, it has been very amazing to watch them pull it off.  We still have workers in the school finishing the minor details and the building inspector has been here a few times to make sure everything is perfect.  

I would like to thank our administration, the school board and the community for their support in creating such a beautiful school for our children.

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