Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Alphabet Under Construction

The kindergarten children at East Elementary have been busy "constructing" alphabet letters in the style of the little mouse in the book "Alphabet Under Construction" by Denise Fleming.  Each child is learning how to interact artistically with each letter of the alphabet and they paint, sand, roll, tile, prune, watercolor, measure, judge, button and airbrush!  The children love this project and we have created an "In Progress" display in the main hall of the school.  A few weeks ago we started adding words to go with each letter and it helps the children have a huge artistic word wall.  Each child will also put their very own name under "their" own alphabet letter.  We hope that that his will give them a sense of ownership.  When our alphabet is complete,  each child will create their very own book from the letters they have constructed in art class.

This is an introductory post, but I will create another post later explaining how we chose our action words. Some of them go with the book, and some don't!   I will also offer some tips for teaching this project if you decide to do it!  It is a great project and it provides an opportunity to teach many art skills as well as reinforcing phonics and letter naming skills.

In getting ready to finish this project I also found Denise Fleming's website and she has lots of 3-D art ideas that are great as an extension to this project.  Here is the link:  http://www.denisefleming.com/pages/activities-alphabet.html

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