Monday, May 23, 2011

3rd Grade Turtle Rubber Stamps

After the art show, we started having fun doing some new art processes. In this lesson we learned how to make rubber stamps and the children had fun printing images with their new stamps. We learned that our printed image will be a mirror image of the original and that was sometimes hard for the children to understand until they saw the printing process in action. In this art lesson, each child got to make two rubber stamps. For the first stamp, we all made turtles. To start off the lesson, we each looked at photographs of real turtles and then each child drew turtles in their sketch book. We started with contour lines, then we added structure lines and shading. Then we practiced drawing the same turtle on a piece of sticky back foam. We pushed hard with the pencil to make a deep impression and then we cut out the turtle and stuck it on a piece of cardboard. We added a little handle with masking tape and we were ready to print! For our second stamp, the child could draw anything they wanted and then we put our foam on a little wooden block. This was a fun project for the children and it is interesting to see all the little turtles and other interesting artwork.

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