Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2nd Grade Winter Art

Abstract Painting with the Winter Colors

This was a very fun lesson. First we talked about the winter season and what colors we see in the winter. We learned about cool colors and we looked at famous artwork with primarily cool colors. Then we looked at the color wheel and discussed how to make colors lighter or darker by adding white (tint) or black (shade) to a color. We discussed a palette and how it describes the colors we have to work with. Then we created a scientific experiment by playing with mixing colors. We used blue, violet, white and black to create different shades and tints of color to create an abstract painting with cool winter colors. First we painted shapes and then added more colors to create beautiful lines and shapes with different colors. When we finished making our shapes, we painted organic lines swirling around our shapes. We filled our entire paper with lines and shapes of different colors. We added splashes of color to give our paintings some pizzazz.

Core Tie-In: Math, Science,

Art Concepts: Color, Line, Shapes, Tint, Shade, Organic, Geometric

Vocabulary Words: Tint, Shade, Cool, Abstract, Experiment

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