Monday, November 15, 2010

3rd Grade Paper Pottery

The 3rd graders have have fun this week making paper pottery. This has been one of the most popular projects we have completed this year. First, the students created basic shapes of pottery with construction paper and then decorated their pottery with organic and geometric designs. Then we overlapped our pottery and drew a horizon line to create an illusion of our pottery sitting on a table. Finally, we added highlights and shadows to create beautiful depth to our pictures. If you walk down the 3rd grade hall, you will be amazed by the variety and quality of these pictures.

Vocabulary words for this lesson: Organic, Geometric, Shape, Overlap, Highlight, Shadow

Curriculum Tie-In: Social Studies: South West Indian Culture and Art, Math: Patterns and Line


Emily Maples said...

This artwork is Awesome!! Do you happen to have the process you go through when teaching this lesson? If so I'd love a copy -

Elizabeth Sampson said...

Hi Emily,
I have a power point to accompany the lesson and I will be happy to mail it to you. I will work on writing down the process for you. I need to do it for another teacher, and have been wanting to get it done anyway. I will send it when I get it finished. This is really an amazing project an it is so fun to look at!
Thanks for your feedback.

Rina said...

I just discovered this lesson today. Fabulous! I try to teach shading to the third grade every fall...I would love to try this plan.

Thanks for posting

Rina at