Friday, October 29, 2010

2nd Grade Line Art

If you walk down the 2nd grade hall this week you will find rows and rows of hands tied together with multicolored cord. The 2nd grade classes have been working on building "community" and this art project was a developed as a way to create an art project that would symbolically link the entire 2nd grade. We talked about color and how the bright color band moving across the hand represented energy and a beauty that unified all people. If we joined hands and work together... anything can be accomplished. Each child traced their own hand on white card stock and then drew a beautiful organic line across the palm of their hand with a sharpie. We then added color with markers in a symmetrical pattern. Finally we divided the rest of our hand into sections with a sharpie and then created organic and geometric patterns with a black sharpie. We also added our name to part of the black and white design as a way of personalizing our artwork. The black and white pattern looks beautiful in contrast with the color band. We hope you come visit the 2nd grade hall to enjoy this beautiful project.

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Lisa's ESL Site said...

Beautiful artwork, thanks so much for sharing!!!